Welcome to EES Cosmetic Solutions


EES Cosmetic Solutions is known as a leader in the industry by being innovative, consistent and delivering superior client service. Since 2000, we have represented and served manufacturers in the cosmetic, personal care, and household industries. We believe that our role is to connect our principals' products with our clients' needs, so that both parties continue to thrive within their respective industries. The EES Cosmetic Solutions Team are experts in solving our client's most difficult formulations and sourcing needs.

Through proprietary processes and systems, we strive for effectiveness and efficiencies that accelerate our business purpose and demonstrate our committment to constant improvement. The EES Cosmetic Solutions Team meets and exceeds our clients' and principals' expectations by being professional, reliable, honest, disciplined and transparent. We proudly represent global industry leaders who meet and have earned the most strict industry certifications; ISO, Kosher, Organic and cGMP.

We respect and empower our Team members to take initiative on behalf of our clients, create an open work environment and invest in their professional development. As a company, we are committed to giving back to our local and global community by being socially conscious and active with the community at large. We believe that our success has come through our focus on people.


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